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Annual Pass or 30 Day Pass for Rockin' Jump! (WB)
Up to 67 % Off

What We're Offering

Getting ready for those LONG summer days when kids are home ALL Day?

Stretch your dollars farther with the Rockin' Jump 30 Day Pass!

Give the Gift of PLAY & ACTIVITY with the Rockin' Jump Annual Pass!

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Do you know that kiddo that is ALWAYS moving? Do they LOVE to jump, skip, leap, fly, climb and swing! 

They will LOVE a Pass to Rockin' Jump!   Imagine never paying admissoin at Rockin' Jump again - just walk in and start playing!

For the cost of just 2 visits, you can purchase a 30 Day Pass!
For the cost of just 6 visits, you can purchase an entire YEAR Pass!

These Passes can be used for for up to 2 Hours of Jump ANY day at Rockin' Jump
These Passes can also be used at Neon Jump Night, After Dark or Rockin' Tots - No Limits!

About us

At Rockin' Jump, the main floor of the facility is covered with wall-to-wall trampolines, but they aren't only for fun... Visitors of all ages are encouraged to bounce as a means of exercise, too. Beyond just proving Newton wrong, jumpers can enjoy anti-gravity activities such as cannonballing into the stunt-bag area, jousting with competitors on the gladiator-style X-Beam, or pulling down rebounds off the Rockin' Dunk backboard. Stuntbag, dodgeball, and basketball are also available, and the facility hosts a teen night on Fridays and a family night on Saturdays. For those who prefer to earn extra elevation through hard work, the Vertical Ops Rock Wall features a 3-story, climbing wall, a much more rewarding way to reach new heights than simply hitchhiking onto a hot-air balloon.

The Fine Print

  • The purchase is not refundable
  • Valid at the Shrewsbury/St. Louis location only (7375 Watson Rd)
  • May not be combined with other discounts
  • Pass Holders do not received free pizza at Neon Night or After Dark Events
  • After Dark (Friday Night) is Ages 10 - 15 Only
  • Trampoline Safety Socks must be worn on the trampolines