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Multi-Day Pass for Rockin Jump! (WB)
Up to 64 % Off

What We're Offering

Stretch your dollars farther with the Rockin' Jump 30 Day Pass!

Give the Gift of PLAY & ACTIVITY with the Rockin' Jump Pass!

Do you know that kiddo that is ALWAYS moving? Do they LOVE to jump, skip, leap, fly, climb and swing! 

They will LOVE a Pass to Rockin' Jump!   Imagine never paying admission at Rockin' Jump again - just walk in and start playing!

For the cost of just 2 visits, you can purchase a 30 Day Pass!

For the cost of just 10 visits, you can purchase an Annual Pass

These Passes can be used for for up to 2 Hours of Jump ANY day at Rockin' Jump
These Passes can also be used at Neon Jump Night, After Dark or Rockin' Tots - No Limits!

About us

At Rockin' Jump, the main floor of the facility is covered with wall-to-wall trampolines, but they aren't only for fun... Visitors of all ages are encouraged to bounce as a means of exercise, too. Beyond just proving Newton wrong, jumpers can enjoy anti-gravity activities such as cannonballing into the stunt-bag area, jousting with competitors on the gladiator-style X-Beam, or pulling down rebounds off the Rockin' Dunk backboard. Stuntbag, dodgeball, and basketball are also available, and the facility hosts a teen night on Fridays and a family night on Saturdays. For those who prefer to earn extra elevation through hard work, the Vertical Ops Rock Wall features a 3-story, climbing wall, a much more rewarding way to reach new heights than simply hitchhiking onto a hot-air balloon.

The Fine Print

  • The purchase is not refundable
  • Valid at the Shrewsbury/St. Louis location only (7375 Watson Rd)
  • May not be combined with other discounts
  • Trampoline Safety Socks must be worn on the trampolines
  • Parent's Night Out or Lock-In Events are not included with the Annual Pass. (Tickets to those events can be purchased separately and reservations must be made in advance)